Civic engagement by the kids of Hub School 21 in the heart of Vincennes: The Hanging Gardens
Fanny Peissik Riblier
We are Hub School 21, a small institution based in the suburbs of Paris, in Vincennes, France. Our school is all about innovative education through creative, applied and meaningful learning. One of our ongoing project is in The Hanging of Vincennes where two gardening plots have been landed to us since September 2021 by Véronique and Franck-Olivier.

This project allows our kids to acquire research skills since they have to look for information such as which type of plants or flours survive in winter, where to get the grains and bulbs and, how to step by step use the right tools to prepare the soil and get to the planting process. The observations made in the gardens are included and linked with some of the biology activities. Moreover, these outings make them practice gardening skills but also how to care of the planet and to respect what have been landed to them.

Several encounters are made in our regular trips to The Hanging Gardens and we always encourage exchange between the kids and the local gardeners! Furthermore, since The Hanging Gardens of Vincennes do not get a lot of media exposure, our students suggested to help. Thus, they take the time to edit and write some posts about them in all our different social media platforms! In fact, this work is made on the regular meetings of Hub Service 21, a mini-entreprise they created (Stay tuned for more)!
Our project has the objectives of connecting to and taking care of the natural world as well as practising to be a good citizen. Furthermore, our aim is to link the lessons learned in class to these practical experiences.
Target age group
5-15 years old
About you
Hub School 21 was founded in 2017 by Fanny Peissik Riblier and a team of talented and diverse individuals with the goal of reinventing education. In doing so, they invented an innovative, multilingual, school in Vincennes that uses a personalised approach to meet the needs of each child. Our school's ambition is to be an incubator of talent and ideas and a space where both well-being and fulfilment come before success. We work by bringing together, training and sharing with those who are ready to change the world.
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