Stepping stone course
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TREMPLIN is a course lasting several months for young people who are questioning their study path, who want to take a break and take time to develop a new study project or professional project to bounce back. One course starts in September, the other in February.

TREMPLIN is a course designed to be both individually and collectively dynamic. It includes workshops to develop your personal and relational skills, as well as orientation workshops, volunteer experiences and discovery of the professional world.

TREMPLIN is for those of you who are in a moment of transition, reflecting on your life and educational choices.

In an authentic and caring atmosphere, you will be accompanied in exploring possible directions, sharing your questions, (re)discovering your motivations to make the right choice and ... take action.

Training conditions

- Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (September to December or February to June)

- in small groups of about ten students

- price varies according to parents' income

The TREMPLIN course aims to enable the participant to : - Identify their points of support - Deepen their relational life - Explore the world around them - Develop his/her career plan - Decide and commit to him/her and to the world
Target age group
18 - 25 yo
About you
IFF Europe is a training institute, composed of a team of 5 people: our founder and our educational coordinators. Our most fundamental conviction is our belief in people. Each person has a unique potential that only needs to be brought to light and can have a positive impact on the world if he or she grows in coherence with himself or herself. Our mission is to train and accompany young adults to become actors of their lives. Our objective is to enable participants in's training courses to become firmly rooted adults, citizens who are open to the world, aware of their strengths and limitations, of the values they hold, and capable of becoming actors in their lives and in society, in an open, responsible, supportive and enthusiastic way. Our support programmes enable participants to articulate three dimensions of human existence: - Being oneself: becoming a resourceful and daring adult - Being with: becoming an adult among others, able to make alliances - Being for: becoming a committed adult open to the world
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